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Mutual Recognition Procedures

Elc group helps leading pharmaceutical company to fast track EU marketing authorisation for a neurodegenerative disease drug.

Using elc group to undertake a highly complex MRP to bring a generic medicine to market in 10 European states ensured the process was completed in a timely manner and with no delays

“We were able to complete a resource intensive MRP within our forecast timescale – by drawing on elc group’s expertise and understanding of the process we maximised the opportunities for success from the very start.”

The Challenge

Navigate the complicated system of approvals needed to obtain marketing authorisation in 10 European countries for a generic neurodegenerative disease drug

As it began preparations to bring a generic neurodegenerative disease treatment to market in 10 European territories, this pharmaceutical company faced a number of challenges. Undertaking a Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP) of this scale could potentially overwhelm the resources of its in house regulatory team.

The time and effort burden involved in compiling the documentation alone was just part of the challenge. Typically MRPs can take anywhere from 120 days to two years, and it was essential that a dedicated focus was maintained on each stage of the procedure process, and that any potential disagreements between Member States were managed in a timely and expert manner.

The company turned to elc group to provide the expertise, resource and on-going management of the entire MRP process proceeded without a hitch, ensuring it could go to market within anticipated commercial timeframes.

The Solution

Divesting the MRP to elc group delivered the expertise and resource needed to ensure the entire procedure was appropriately managed to completion, releasing the regulatory team to focus on the day-to-day business of the company

Using elc group gave the company immediate access to all the resources it needed to manage every aspect of this significant application. With a wealth of experience in preparing and submitting dossiers using the MRP system, elc group was able to provide insight, advice and guidance every step of the way, ensuring the MRP process proceeded to completion in the most time-effective manner possible.

Following a detailed review of the therapeutic area and an evaluation of the potential costs relating to the lead procedure, elc group was able to make a powerful recommendation on which country should become the Reference Member State (RMS) for the MRP.

Next, elc group prepared a detailed regulatory strategy, taking into consideration patent expiry dates, data exclusivity dates and the summary of product characteristics (SmPCs) for each member state which would consider the RMS product assessment report.

“The exceptional resources of elc group – which includes local country experts – meant we were confident they could maintain strong oversight of the MRP at each and every stage, proactively managing the process in a way that would have been impossible for us to do ourselves.”

Alongside preparing the initial submission to the RMS, elc group took control of drafting all documentation relating to the procedure and the coordination of all applications across the 10 target member states. And with specialist representatives in each of the countries involved, elc group was able to ensure local liaison with all regulatory bodies was maintained at all times, responding quickly to ensure any potential delay was minimised. And with elc group managing the entire process, document translation and administration was managed on time as an integral part of the procedure.

The Result

The elc group solution delivered measurable cost savings, ensuring the submission and coordination of the MRP was maintained in seamlessly. From identifying the most appropriate RMS to undertake the initial product, to managing the RMS initial assessment report and authorisation to coordinating the requests to other Member States for mutual recognition of the assessment by the RMS, elc group managed the entire MRP process to completion.

The benefits of a fully managed MRP application service from elc group include:

Detailed guidance on all requirements needed to satisfy regulatory bodies with regard to marketing authorisations in two or more Member States

Download this case study