Technology And Automation Solutions

Multilingual portals and web applications

Typically, we’ll consolidate all your internal and external systems within a single Web-based framework that gives you single sign-on and unified security usage reporting and personalization, plus the added benefit of content and/or document management plus n-tier point functionality such as workflow or analytics.

We can also provide your customers, employees and partners with web-based self-service platforms that give them all the tools and information they need to manage their portals.

Web content management

Our content management solutions deliver intelligent and secure self-management of online content and are ideal for companies that want immediate Content Management capabilities without having the cost or hassle of additional infrastructure or expensive IT staff.

Using our CMS you can create and edit web content instantly, and with no specialist programming skills. We also have solid experience delivering infrastructure systems that support personalization, mass customization, content control/versioning/archiving, editorial workflows, digital asset management, streamlined site administration, site translation automation, localization and usage analytics.

Knowledge management

Our knowledge management platform repertoire includes Microsoft SharePoint Team Services, Lotus SameTime, Lotus Domino.Doc, eRoom and Documentum 4i, and we have in depth experience of helping companies improve operational efficiencies by leveraging vast amounts of internal knowledge more effectively.

Business intelligence

From data models, meta-data and analytics, we can help you generate business intelligence roadmaps that deliver superior business value through open database enablement.